Planet Policy Pals Podcast

Friends discussing environmental policy, science and community

The Pals

We are pals who met in college and love discussing science. We are both passionate about environmental inequality and innovative solutions. This podcast is our chance to learn about the policies around the world that shape our environment and we want you to join us!

The pals in our undergrad years


I am an environmental enthusiast with a chemical engineering background and some work in the field but a massive eagerness to do more. Since I've found I talk a lot, I've tried to make my words mean something. Right now one of the most important conversations to have is about climate change. Having discussed policies with officials, I saw the limitations and constantly ranted to my friends. So here I am, ranting to all of you about what I constantly learn about the environment, what's being done, and how we can make it better.


My background is in chemical engineering and curiosity. I am currently working on my masters in environmental engineering and conducting coastal restoration research. I have worked in water treatment and as a teacher, so this podcast is my way of satisfying my nerdy need to learn about science and my need to tell people something new they did not ask about. I think it is important to understand how the people who lead us make choices about our planet and how we can hold them accountable. I am part of this podcast because big changes that affect our environment should be common knowledge and easy to understand.

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